The man who skipped sentencing after admitting to killing five people in a drunk driving crash was arrested Monday night.

Police had been looking for Kenneth Kelley, 27, of Southeast, D.C. since his sentencing on Friday.

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The judge issued a warrant for his arrest after Kelley didn't appear in court after police say he admitted to killing five people in a drunk driving crash.

It has been two-and-a-half years since Kenneth Kelley crashed into another car, in Oxon Hill. Prosecutors said Kelley was going at least 70-miles an hour when he hit a car stopped at a light.

He killed two children and three adults, including sisters Typhani Wilkerson and Tameika Curtis, who had 10 children between them.

It turns out a Prince George's County judge never ordered GPS monitoring for Kelley.On Monday, Sheriff's deputies were offering a $2,500 reward for Kelley.

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John Erzen, a spokesman for the state's attorney, says prosecutors were shocked to find out Kelley was not wearing a GPS bracelet. They had thought when Judge Albert Northrop released him on $100,000 bail, he had also ordered electronic monitoring. But that did not happen, and it's still unclear why.