A man accused of murdering his infant son is described as a bizarre character who drove a hearse that he appeared to be living in, according to people who observed him visiting his family’s Upper Marlboro apartment.

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Antoine Petty, 32, is charged along with his wife 24-year-old Geneice Flemons with killing their 3-month old son in September, and burying the body in a shallow grave in woods near Parkdale High School.

Petty’s life on social media includes apparently incoherent posts about religion. His face is covered in tattoos. In one Facebook post he wrote: “i wear the tats...the tats..dont wear me...”

In court documents, investigators say Petty became agitated by his 3-month old son’s crying. He took the child on to the couple’s apartment balcony in Greenbelt and punched the child repeatedly in the torso. After bringing the boy inside, detective allege he beat the baby again in the torso until the child bled from the mouth and nose and died.

The baby’s mother was present during the attack, detectives say.

The couple then hid the child’s body for 24-hours in Petty’s car before burying the body in a shallow grave on September 22, according to the statement of charges.

Detectives say both Petty and Flemons admitted what they did. The couple took detectives to the gravesite Wednesday.