Rev. Henry P. Davis III leads the First Baptist Church of Highland Park in Landover, Maryland. He's been a voice after more than one mass shooting.

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"My heart just dropped," said Rev. Davis.

After learning of the Texas church shooting, Sunday Rev. Davis called on everyone to pray.

First and foremost, he's calling on everyone to pray for the Texas victims and their families and then for everyone else too.

"Pray that people are not afraid to go to Church because I think that we're living in a society now, you could be going -- you could be on a bike trail, you could be running -- you've got terrorism that's taking place basically in every walk of life. From subways to anything so if it is that fear starts to dominate us, then we're going to stay in our houses and I think that's not going to be the answer," said Rev. Davis III.

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Security is what the Maryland Pastor said needs to be the answer for houses of worship across the country after Sunday's shooting. Davis said his church changed methods after the AME Church shooting in 2015.

"Many churches don't have that protection. And up to this point, have had not even thought it to be something that's necessary," Rev. Davis added.

There are efforts in our area to combat this.

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Before the Texas shooting, Prince William County Police scheduled a "Worship Watch" event aimed at training faith leaders on how to create a safer house of worship.

That was scheduled to take place November 21st.