Just days before Christmas, a Silver Spring organization called “A Wider Circle” is working to make it a special day for everyone.

Its founder, Mark Bergel, said his organization expects to get gifts to more than 2,000 people – kids, teenagers and adults alike. Kids will unwrap toys, scarves, and sports equipment, while adults will be able to pick up gift certificates to stores like Target and Whole Foods.

How does it work?

A Wider Circle had its clients fill out a wish list and then worked to find a family to sponsor them. More volunteers wrap and load the presents.

“Everybody who comes to us, we will help,” Bergel said. “We’ll try to bring in as many as we can, especially as it gets close to Christmas and people get especially nervous or especially hopeful that something will break for them.”

You can learn more about how to give and volunteer on A Wider Circle's website.

A Wider Circle also helps get families furniture, professional clothes, and more.