People on the ground were gathering and collecting, trying to get help to Haiti on Tuesday.

A Rockville pastor will be performing himself as part of an emergency fundraiser he’s leading at his church on Saturday.

For the people with ties to Haiti, Hurricane Matthew is more than just a hit. It’s a ‘kick me when I'm down’ situation.

"This one is a family member who sent me this video,” said Dr. Rodney Charitable, a Rockville Pastor with the Havre de Grace Haitian Seventh-day Adventist Church.

He says the video makes you want to cry. You can hear screams in the video. Cars are seen starting to be swept away and not during heavy rains, but in the heavy floods that came after Hurricane Matthew slammed Haiti this morning.

"This is ... this is ... I can't even look at it,” he said holding a cell phone in his hand with the video playing. Charitable says he’s heard back from most of his family but there are people his church that have not heard anything.

Instead of waiting, the church is taking action. Charitable announced an emergency fundraiser is the works for this Saturday.

Dr. Rodney Charitable was born in Haiti and says issues like poverty, lack of resources, improper drainage structures and now a Category Four hurricane are nothing short of a nightmare for the country that's still reeling from the 2010 earthquake.

"People are suffering. They have no hope, Haiti already the poorest country in the hemisphere,” he said. The Saturday Fundraiser will be held from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at their church location, which is the Chapel of the United Methodist Church building. The address is: 112 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, Maryland.

Organizers will have gospel talent and dramatists from the Washington metropolitan area. Pastor Charitable will be performing Haitian songs. One of the fundraiser’s organizers, Rocky Twyman, told WUSA 9 all of the proceeds to ADRA or Adventist Development Relief Agency. He says the group is already on the ground in Haiti.

In D.C., St. Peter’s Parish works with a twin school in Haiti. The school’s principal told WUSA9 over the phone, they’re grateful goods collected from the beginning of this school year will get there just in time.

USAID and Red Cross are also assisting.

WUSA9 reached out to Haiti’s Embassy. Assistant to the Ambassador, Naomie Pierre-Louis told WUSA9:

The Embassy would like to thank all of those who have called and reached out to offer their assistance during this time. We are committed to working alongside the Diaspora community from every sector to respond to the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, as well as friends of Haiti.

While the Embassy is not collecting donations, we have partnered with the Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA) which is currently the epicenter in the DMV metropolitan area coordinating all of the response efforts.We are hoping for the best and preparing on our end.

Twyman and Charitable told WUSA9 any way people can help is needed.

“Prayer is good, but we need to also put works with our prayers,” said Twyman.

Hurricane Matthew is reportedly responsible for at least seven deaths across the Caribbean.