Tuesday was the last day to register to vote in D.C.

In Maryland and Virginia people still have another week. And with only four weeks to go until the election, the push is on to get the millennial vote.

Actress Lena Dunham of HBO's hit series "Girls" was in Fairfax County encouraging millennials to register to vote.

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At 75 million people, millennials are more predisposed than other groups to vote for a Democrat.

The latest New York Times/CBS News poll shows more than a third of voters 18 to 29 said they would vote for either Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, or Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate. Given the choice of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, 10% said they would not vote at all- double that of any other age group.

Krittika Lalowaney is a millennial. "More and more we are becoming apathetic because there is not a candidate that represents us and our generation."

Millennial Caroline Aston said, "There are really complex issues and one or two words on social media can effect people since it's where we spend all our time nowadays."

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Millennial Evan Cary said, "It gets blown out of proportion because voter turnout can be low among younger people, but I think younger voters are excited it's just a matter of convincing them to go out day of."

Today is the last day to register to vote in DC. In Virginia, you have until next Monday. In Maryland, through next Tuesday.

Early voting in DC starts Oct. 22. In Maryland it starts Oct 27th Virginia does not allow early voting, but you can vote absentee.