Laurel police hope body camera video will help them identify a Good Samaritan.

Police actually have five different views of that day but the earliest is from Officer Meyer, who was first on scene. Later on in police body cam video, you see an officer pull out a machete and mallet from the backpack the suspect was wearing at the time.

Officer Meyer, who asked us not to use his first name, was responding to the 9-1-1 call for a “disorderly subject” Saturday afternoon. In the video, you hear from employees who say the man refused to leave the backpack outside. One employee says he began cursing at her colleague.

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The suspect is seen on Ofc. Meyer’s body cam refusing his commands to leave a Laurel Dollar Tree.

"I don't give a s*** who you are,” he said. “I don’t gift a f*** what you do.”

Seconds later, the officer is seen struggling with the suspect, trying to make an arrest. Officer Meyer told WUSA9 on Sunday, “… I wasn't sure if he was reaching for something.”

You can hear the officer trying to overpower the victim. He grunts and shouts, “Stop! Stop resisting!”

The Laurel Police chief says a camera cable got pulled during the struggle. The video cuts off. However, you see when back-up arrives. There’s a man kneeling over the suspect’s legs. This is the stranger Officer Meyer says stepped-in, pulled the suspect's arm out and helped hold the man still until more police arrived.

Then the man left without saying anything, according to Ofc. Meyer.

“He didn’t know what the guy was reaching for either. He just saw I was struggling with him and figured he’d jump in and help and to me that was a pretty neat thing to see,” said the officer.

Ofc. Meyer and the Laurel Police Department want to identify the Good Samaritan in the video so they can thank him. Ofc. Meyer said Sunday he’d also like to get the man lunch!

The suspect appears to have at least one serious prior that includes first and second-degree assault. This was recorded a little over a decade ago.

While in the store, Ofc. Meyer’s back-up pepper-sprays the suspect on the ground. They then lift him from the ground and take him outside. On the way to the police station, you can hear the suspect on camera insulting the officer behind the wheel.