A Laurel Officer is searching for the Good Samaritan who helped him wrestle an armed suspect until his back-up arrived.

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The Laurel Police Officer says it happened after 5:30 p.m. Saturday inside the Fort Meade Rd. Dollar Tree. He responded to the 911 call of a “disorderly subject” and was the first to arrive. He tells WUSA9 the suspect did not want to leave his backpack and refused orders from the store employees to leave.

“We started wrestling inside the store. He didn’t want to be locked-up. We ended up on the ground. The subject tucked his arm underneath his body, and I couldn’t get him to bring it out. I wasn’t sure if he was reaching for something or what his intentions were,” said Officer Meyer, who asked we not use his first name.

The officer said that’s when an older African American man stepped-in, pulled the suspect’s arm out and held him still until Meyer’s partner arrived.

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“…We had to pepper-spray the guy and handcuff him, and the Good Samaritan left without even saying anything,” he said.

Officer. Meyer tells us he’s been with the Laurel Police Department for about a year and served in the Coast Guard for about 12 years before that.

He believes the incident wasn't long enough to be captured on his police body cam, but the store may have surveillance video. The Dollar Tree was closed when we talked to Officer. Meyer Sunday evening.

To the man who helped, Officer. Meyer says, “Thank you, and I owe you lunch!”

“We see it a lot, um, you’ll be wrestling, and everybody pulls a camera out and points a camera but nobody steps-in. That’s why I figured it was a pretty cool thing,” he said.

The Laurel Police Department put out the message on their Facebook page. They would like the Good Samaritan to contact Officer. Meyer if possible. He can be reached by email at ameyer@laurel.md.us.

A man named Roger Najera-Guidos now faces several charges that included: trespassing on private property, disorderly conduct, and possession of a Dangerous Weapon.

If you are the Good Samaritan or you know the Good Samaritan, please email Officer Meyer directly at ameyer@laurel.md.us. You can also message the Laurel Police Department on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/122902151199464/posts/844835605672778