A La Plata police officer went the extra mile this weekend when a man asked the community for help when his daughter’s toys went missing.

Jason Hendricks, a La Plata resident, posted a story on Facebook about his daughter’s missing dinosaur and dragon. Evie, 10, had been attached to these toys since she was three-years-old. Someone had taken them from the family’s front yard- and it all got caught on tape.

The theft quickly circulated around Facebook and Sgt. Robert “Bobby” Bagley was tagged in the post.

“When I was tagged, I recognized the suspect in the video. I knew where she hung out and immediately went to the area.” Bagley told TheBayNet.com.

Bagley saw the toy dragon laying on the ground in the area, its arm was broken off.

So, Bagley decided to have a little prehistoric fun.

He took the dragon to the emergency room and had the nurses wrap up the arm. Once he left the ER, he got some super glue to make sure the dragon was repaired.

Then, the two went on patrol.

“It was late so I figured I’d have a little fun for her to make her feel a little better.” Bagley said.

Here is a timeline of their adventure that Bagley documented on Facebook:

Bagley left the dragon on the back porch of the home in the morning, but said he didn’t get a chance to talk to Evie.

Hendricks shared Bagley’s post and thanked Sgt. Bagley for his creativity and compassion.

“The officer’s compassion for the situation surprised me. Officers in this town are great but this goes above and beyond.” Hendricks said.

Hendricks said people reached out about Bagley’s kind gesture, offering to replace the missing toys. He said anyone who would like to make a contribution to contact the La Plata Police Department.

Sgt. Bagley said they are still working to identify the thief. There is no word on if she’ll face any charges.