UPDATE, 11.16.17: Kirk Cousins isn't willing to sacrifice his religious beliefs for a Christmas sweater.

Washington Redskins' quarterback Kirk Cousins isn't one to hide what he believes.

As someone who believes in Christ, when he saw the final product of his 'Limited Edition Ugly Christmas Sweater', he was not pleased.

The sweater originally read Merry Kirkmas.

Our own sports anchor Darren Haynes had a chance to ask Cousins why he didn't like the sweater.

He told Haynes, he did not feel that his name should have replaced Christ, and decided to cancel the limited edition Christmas sweater.

ORIGINAL POST, 11.15.17: This year Redskins fans will be able to show their love for the home team at their next holiday party.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins has come out with his own line of ugly Christmas sweaters.

Even if the holidays aren't something you take part in, the sweaters are pretty darn cute.

Another newly released t-shirt which is sure to be a hit with the dads, is the "Men’s Dad Swag T-shirt" that you can see here.

On the front of the shirt you can see what looks like the baby from the Hangover movie holding a small football.

Earlier in the season, Cousins released his "Buffalo Nickel" t-shirt which can be seen on our episode of 9 Cribs that featured the Washington QB.

Cousins is showing his fan base that he not only has talents on the field, but off the field as well.

I know what I'm handing out as gifts this holiday season.