Neighbors describe a terrifying scene. Muzzle flashes, gun smoke and children diving for cover. A shooter blasting 30 rounds down the sidewalk in a crowded neighborhood near Capitol Hill.
The hunt for the gunman continues. But the miracle is no one was hurt.

The shooter stepped out of a white Nissan and started blasting away at 6:45 on Monday night. A whole family walking home from a birthday party down 13th Street Southeast had to hide behind a curb in the sidewalk.

You can still see bullets splattered into the fence next to the sidewalk and the Potomac Gardens apartments.

"We were simply walking back from my son's birthday dinner and all of a sudden there was just gunfire erupting all around us," said one victim who did not want us to use his name. "Brazen shooter standing in the middle of the street....I was literally trying to get through to 911 as we were laying on the sidewalk."

It's still not clear what the was shooting at, but the only thing he hit was the fence.

Police have yet to release the surveillance tape, but they say you can see a white Nissan drive off slowly up 13th Street, followed soon after by a speeding gold minivan.

New Hill East is a neighborhood crowded with children.

"I don't think anyone thirteen blocks from the US Capitol should be in the middle of cross fire," said the dad who grabbed his kids and tried to protect them.

Neighbors say they've seen violence before, but they're still shocked by this one. "I don't understand these guys. They feel they're bigger men because they have guns?" said a neighbor who only want to give his first name, Larry.

The First District commander sent out a email to the whole neighborhood saying she's concerned. She said police are working hard to find the shooter and the two to three other people who were with him.

They may have made a clean getaway, but my sources say detectives do have some good leads.