If you enjoy basketball, there's perhaps nothing more exciting than watching Kevin Durant fly through the air, basketball in hand, making his way to the rim. It's something he's done so many times, it's easy to think of him as a graceful basketball machine. But the professional athlete is also dedicated local to the D.C. area, who has given back to the Seat Pleasant area his whole career.

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Now it's the community's turn.

Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m., hundreds are expected to flock to the area to celebrate Kevin Durant Day. While the music festival and the basketball tournament has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts, the Kevin Durant Parade is set to begin at 10:00 a.m.

The route begins at the Judith P. Hoyer Montessori School, and will then continue down Hill Road to Seat Pleasant Drive. That's where the bulk of the parade will take place. Eventually, the parade will turn left down Addison Road to Goodwin Park, located by Crown Street.

"The community is welcoming home," said a Seat Pleasant press release.

"And celebrating his extraordinary win as a 2017 NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors and receiving the Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award."

Durant's illustrious career started in Prince George's County, when he played at the National Christian Academy in Fort Washington. He would then finish his high school career at the Montrose Christian School in Rockville. In 2007, Durant was certainly talented enough to go to the NBA, but instead he went to the University of Texas, due to NBA rules, mandating one year of college. The 6'9" star averaged nearly 26 points and 11 rebounds in his one year on the squad.

In 2008, his life changed forever, selected second pick overall in the draft by the Seattle Supersonics. He didn't waste any time excelling in the NBA, becoming one of just three teenagers in league history to average 20 points per game in a season. The following year, the team moved to Oklahoma City, where Durant became a household name. In 2013, he surpassed Michael Jordan for the most games in a row, scoring 25 points or more.

Despite all this success, for nearly a decade, a world championship eluded him. That was until last year. After joining the Golden State Warriors, Durant was finally able to take home the trophy. After winning the championship, his heart was of course with Prince George's County. After hugging his mother, Wanda, he started talking about his family and friends back home.

"Everybody in Seat Pleasant," he said. "Everybody in P.G. County, Maryland. Everybody in D.C., Virginia. Y'all been riding with me. And it feels good to see it come full circle."

Durant has offered more than just words as well. Just this May, Durant donated $60,000 for new outdoor basketball courts at the Seat Pleasant Activity Center.

The parade will also mean a long list of road closures:

  • - Pepper Mill Dr
  • - Jadeleaf Ave
  • - Ivyleaf Ave
  • - Hedgeleaf Ave
  • - Goldleaf Ave
  • - Fernleaf Ave
  • - Joplin St
  • - Carmody Hills Dr
  • - Dateleaf Ave
  • - Cedarleaf Ave
  • - Birchleaf Ave
  • - Ashleaf Ave
  • - 71st St
  • - 70th Pl
  • - 70th St
  • - 69th Pl
  • - James Farmer Way
  • - Eads St
  • - Seat Pleasant Dr
  • - Alabaster Ct
  • - Onyx Ct
  • - Rose Quartz Terrace
  • - Yellow Amber Ct
  • - White Pearl Ct
  • - Opal Pl
  • - Malachite Place
  • - Aquamarine Ct
  • - Jade Ct
  • - Esslog St
  • - Cabin Branch Dr
  • - Drylog St
  • - Hylton St
  • - G St
  • - 67th PL
  • - 68th St
  • - 68th PL
  • - 69th St
  • - 71st Ave
  • - Valley Park Rd
  • - Clinglo St
  • - Elmleaf Ave
  • - Cutlog St
  • - Blacklog St