Turns out a Prince George's County judge never ordered GPS monitoring for a drunk driver who admitted killing five people.

Sheriff's deputies are now offering a $2,500 reward for Kenneth Kelley, 27 of Southeast DC. He failed to turn up for sentencing Friday in a 2014 crash that killed three adults and two children and left ten youngsters motherless.

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John Erzen, a spokesman for the state's attorney, says prosecutors were shocked to find out Kelley was not wearing a GPS bracelet. They had thought when Judge Albert Northrop released him on $100,000 bail, he had also ordered electronic monitoring. But that did not happen, and it's still unclear why.

Relatives of the victims are furious the Judge Northrop let Kelley out in the first place. They're even more mad that the judge failed to order a GPS monitor. The monitor might have helped the fugitive squad find him.

Kelley pleaded guilty to 28 counts in March, including five counts of negligent homicide. Relatives expected the judge to lock him up then.

At Kelley's home on Elvans Road in Southeast DC, a woman screamed at me when I asked her if she knew where he was. "Get out of my face! Don't be harassing me!" she shouted, before launching into a torrent of profanity.

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Lloyd Hardy, who lost the mother of his two children, says the justice system failed him. "They reassured us, 'Hey, this happened to you, but we're going to get justice for you. Trust in us, we got you.' And they let us down."

Prosecutors were planning to ask the judge to sentence Kelley to 50 years in prison... ten years for each person he killed.