D'Arcee Neal didn't want to stay on a United flight. He just wanted to get off.

The DC man who uses a wheelchair ended up crawling down the aisle an hour after everyone else deplaned. He'd waited for a wheelchair designed to fit between the seats that he'd been promised. But he finally gave up.

"It was frustrating, very humiliating. And I had to pee," Neal said when we first talked to him about a year and a half ago.

Neal calls the latest video from United "shameful." He says it's clear United has "major, major problems."

He said United workers just stared at him when he finally gave up after his long flight from San Francisco to Reagan National.

"Instead of gawking, how about you assist?," he said he told them. "Pride takes a back seat when you have to use the restroom."

The Department of Transportation fined United $2.75 million last year for flight delays and its treatment of disabled passengers, including Neal. The National Disability Rights Network says tens of thousands of passengers complain about their treatment by the airlines.

Neal says he never complained to United. But one of the flight attendants was upset enough -- in hindsight -- that she reported he'd had to crawl off the plane. United offered him a $300 dollar voucher for a future flight. It was apparently re-accommodating him.


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