Thursday morning, The Washington Post published poll results of constituents’ opinions regarding D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s performance in addressing homelessness in the District.

In the poll, 32 percent marked that Bowser was doing an “excellent/good” job, while a whopping 62 percent reported a “not-so-good/poor” rating. Six percent of those questioned said that they had no opinion.

Just after the survey results were released, Mayor Bowser moved forward towards her goal of replacing D.C. General Homeless Shelter with improved, temporary family housing throughout the city. The groundbreaking of the first short-term facility took place in NW DC at 10:30 a.m. Members of the D.C. community and city officials were in attendance.

Photo: The Washington Post website.

“D.C. Values include making homelessness rare, brief and nonrecurring,” said Mayor Bowser. “D.C. General has too often failed to help the families who need us most. Today by breaking ground on safe and dignified short-term family housing, the District takes us one big step toward helping those families and ending homelessness in the District."

Homeward D.C. is the Bowser Administration’s plan to end homelessness throughout all eight wards of D.C. by 2020. The establishment of the new, temporary homes as an alternative to D.C. General is a major step in this process.

A maximum of 50 families will be housed in each short-term family building. Unlike the District’s old homeless shelter, the temporary homes will provide a safe and clean environment for the families until permanent housing is built.

Read the Mayor's Office press release here.