The hurricane hunters are coming to DC this Tuesday at Reagan National Airport - the public will be able to view and see inside four different planes that fly into hurricanes.

These planes are vital for accurate forecasting each year. As they are dissecting the storm, they collect data with radar, sensors on the planes, and through dropwindsondes that are dropped from the planes down into the storms. Information about the pressure, wind fields, and other meteorological signatures are implemented into weather models to get the most accurate depiction of the future strength and direction the storm is heading.

Our WUSA 9 Meteorologists will be live on WUSA 9 News Tuesday from Reagan National, showing you more about these planes. If you're able to go view them yourself, there will also be representatives from the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service there to show you around. The viewing will be open to the public from 2:30pm - 4:00pm

It's National Hurricane Preparedness Week - remind yourself about hurricane hazards in the area and your evacuation route before the Atlantic Season gets underway starting June 1st. Click here for an article about how to prepare yourself and your house for the upcoming hurricane season.