VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Finally, a happy ending for Hunter the dog.

Hunter, a one-year-old black lab, was accidentally adopted in August by a family while his owner was away fighting wildfires.

Hunter was eventually reunited with William Jones, his original owner and a firefighter from Battle Ground, after the family who adopted Hunter decided to return him to his original owner following a social media firestorm.

BACKGROUND: Hunter the dog returned to Battle Ground firefighter

That wasn't the end of Hunter's story, though. A little more than a month after the two were reunited, Hunter was no longer living with Jones and was back at the Humane Society.

On Oct. 14, Hunter was found roaming outside and was picked up by Animal Control, which brought him to the Humane Society in Vancouver, Washington.

Jones was contacted and informed that Hunter was at the Humane Society and available to be picked up. But Jones refused to take Hunter back, saying he was moving out of state and would no longer be able to care for the dog, the Humane Society said.

“Even these last couple of days once people understood Hunter was back here, people started calling and asking if people could adopt him,” said Denise Barr with the Humane Society for Southwest Washington.

After the Humane Society cared for Hunter for the past two weeks, on Saturday, Hunter was finally adopted by a family.

“We took a lot of time with Hunter because that's our job to make sure it's a good fit,” said Barr.

Stacey Graham, president of the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, said they're glad to see Hunter find a new home.

"In the end, our mission revolves around the care and concern for Hunter and ensuring that he has a good life," Graham said. "We are committed to good outcomes for all the companion animals that come through our door."