Former Vice President Joe Biden gave them his blessing but still many people are talking about his son now dating his late brother’s widow.

So whether or not you feel like this is newsworthy, the relationship highlights a growing phenomenon of unlikely relationships that develop out of grief.

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Audrey B. Chapman longtime relationship therapist and former WHUR radio host said often time people bond while grieving together, so the budding relationship between Hunter and Hallie is not that unusual.

“People console each other and sometimes attend grief counseling together and they become very close and that’s the beginning of a relationship. The 911 first responders, many of them, ended up marrying or dating the widows of their former coworkers who died so it’s not unusual. I don’t want to sound harsh but after the other person is gone life moves on. It’s wonderful out of an ending came a happy beginning," she said.

Ms. Chapman believes since the Vice President suffered so much loss of his own with his first wife and young son killed in a crash, he probably finds comfort in this new relationship between Hunter and Hallie (Beau’s widow).

According to divorce documents, Hunter’s estranged wife is now accusing him of infidelity, money issues, and drug use. She alleged that is why she kicked him out of the house almost two years ago. Hunter Biden denies those claims.