The DC Humane Alliance is looking for the person who tried to light a cat on fire Tuesday night.

The cat was trapped in the cage as part of a Humane Society catch and release program to spay and neuter city strays.

The cat survived with minor burns. It also tore off one of its claws in its struggle to escape.

Senior Humane Law Enforcement Officer Daniel D’Eremo said someone used paper to light the newspaper lining in the cage on fire. The newspaper burned from end to end.

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 “As you can imagine being in a confined space with nothing around you, would be a pretty terrifying traumatic event for anyone- person, animal, anything," said D’Eremo.

The cage was placed in a discrete back alley in Southeast, D.C. The fire happened sometime between 8 and midnight. 

Neighbor John Bryant was outraged to hear what happened across the street from his house.

"That’s the lowest of the low, you really can’t get lower than that. No animal no person, no anything deserves that period…that’s just wrong,” he said.

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DC’s Humane Alliance is turning to the public to help solve the case. It’s offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help find the person responsible.

As for the cat, the Humane Society said it is waiting to see if she will be put up for adoption, or released.

“The cat’s doing well, as far as recovery, it’s pretty stressed right now,” said D’Emera, “so we’re giving her a little more time before we decide what to do next with her.”