An emotional send-off for a dog people are calling a hero Tuesday.

Dux the Spotsylvania K-9 was shot in a shootout between a suspect and deputies Monday night. The dog underwent surgery and today, was released from a veterinarian hospital and given a hero's send-off. He just may have saved two deputies lives.

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The two-year old German shepherd took two bullets from a suspect in a shootout with two sheriff's deputies Monday night.

Watching Dux walk out of a veterinary hospital on his own four legs, dispatcher Kacey Diaz brushed away tears.

"He's a hero," this is the best possible outcome from a horrible situation, Diaz said. She was working the night of the shooting and thought the deputies were hit.

The deputies were fine. Dux may have saved them both because he chased the suspect, taking on fire aimed at the deputies.

That suspect, Joseph Conway, got away, but he was hit in the leg. Police caught him last night at Richmond motel. Now he's in jail and Dux has had surgery...and it out of hospital.

As Dux was released from the hospital, the Spotsylvania Sheriff's office, it's K-9 unit in force, and lots of well wishers gave Dux a hero's send off. They formed two lines, and stood silently as Dux made his way out. The dog, wearing a muzzle, looked around, seemingly acknowledging his friends on for force.

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Joseph Conway was treated at a Richmond hospital for the bullet wound. He was released and is not being held without bond at the Rappanhannock Regional Jail.

Joseph Conway has been charged with two counts of attempted capital murder of a law enforcement officer and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. He has several past drug violations. Charges for wounding the K-9 officer are pending.