George Washington Middle School is closed on Thursday due to continuing water pipe issues, according to school officials.

A pipe that serves the cafeteria and sixth and seventh grade areas broke on Wednesday.

Crews worked overnight to try and fix the issue, however there is still no water in the area of that building. The work is ongoing and will be completed as quickly as possible.

In addition, the electric panel that serves that area of the building is also wet, therefore the power to the electrical panel is off. Classrooms in the area are not being heated properly. Crews are also working on restoring the power and heat.

Officials also said that another issue is that the fire alarm system is in that part of the building. If the fire alarm system isn't fixed in time, then students may not return to school before the end of the week.

The school will hold a science fair that was scheduled for Thursday night, next Wednesday, January 17 in the cafeteria from 5 to 8 p.m.

George Washington Middle School is also working on plans to make up for lost instructional time.