The cries of her toddler and infant could be heard upstairs. They are now without a mother, after a gunman accelerated onto I-95 in Downtown Richmond, rolled down his window, and opened fire into Sharayne Holland’s car.

The 26-year-old from Manassas was months from receiving her associate’s degree, raising two children with her fiancé. Holland was celebrating a graduation Saturday night into Sunday, when an argument between her friends and a stranger escalated.

Behind a backdrop of the city’s skyline, tempers took to the highway, with Holland and her fiancé hit by gunfire.

In an interview in her Manassas home Tuesday, Holland’s mother said she fears the worst, that her daughter’s killer may never be found.

“We don’t want her babies to grow up knowing that some man killed their mother, and no one ever found out who it was,” Deborah Holland said, as friends and family cared for her two grandchildren upstairs. “It’s going to be hard enough for those babies growing up without a mother. We want justice for those babies.”

The shooting happened early Sunday morning on a well-lit stretch of the interstate across from VCU Medical Center. Holland’s fiancé is now clinging to life inside the medical center’s E.R., as Virginia State Police review surveillance footage from nearby VDOT cameras.

During Tuesday’s interview, Deborah wished to speak directly to the gunman.

“I don’t know what kind of problem you have, and how you were hurt along the way, but if you only knew Sharayne, your life would not have been so careless and bitter and so unfair to take my daughter,” Holland said. “That was my only daughter.”

The driver of Holland’s vehicle, Tanna Gardner of Richmond, was also fatally wounded.

“I remember when she was born, I helped my parents take care of her like she was my own,” said Sharayne’s brother Deon Holland. “I don’t want this whole situation overlooked. My sister was involved in wanting to see justice for others in society, and now we need justice for her.”

Authorities ask anyone with information to call Virginia State Police at (804) 553-3445 or dial #77 on a cell phone.