A Boys and Girls Club in Prince George's County said a fundraising event went off the rails Sunday. They claim Chipotle managers made racially offensive comments, then called the police four times on a group of young cheerleaders and their families.

Family and friends who used a coupon and bought food at the Greenbelt Chipotle would have half their proceeds given to the cheerleaders. But the girl's coach said managers questioned white customers, asking "do you know them," referencing the black coach and cheerleaders.

One parent said she couldn't believe when a white mother was questioned.

"Yes, I do know her, that's my daughter, and she said ‘I know him too, that's my husband and yes he's black,’" recalled Amanda Miller, whose eight-year-old daughter is a cheerleader.

Chipotle responded Monday by denying that the incident was racially motivated.

This is the full statement Chipotle sent to WUSA9:

“Thank you for your inquiry. Every year, Chipotle hosts thousands of fundraisers for community organizations and they are intended to be a positive and community-strengthening experience. In fact, this restaurant has partnered with this organization multiple times before and we are sorry to hear that a reminder of our policy from an employee escalated into a situation. While we will not get into the details of the escalation, our employee did call the police out of an abundance of caution to ensure the security of employees and guests and we stand by our employees who followed protocol to ensure a safe and positive guest experience for all involved. The incident was absolutely not racially motivated and the fundraiser was eventually cancelled after a refusal to follow our fundraiser policy on site. Fundraiser proceeds up until that point will go to the organization. Chipotle has regularly partnered with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America in Maryland and nationwide for fundraisers and will continue to do so in the future.”