Two good Samaritans rescued five people off of a boat that was sinking in the Potomac, according to the U.S. Coast Guard in Baltimore.

Officials said the five people dressed in Nats gear were on a 25-foot pleasure craft, which crashed into something on the water. It was sinking around 2 a.m. at Founder's Park in the Alexandria area.

Two men who were fishing heard a loud sound and went to investigate. They spotted the boaters, picked them up and took them to the shore. The USCG was notified after the incident.

Everyone was accounted for and the group boated back to Old Dominion Yacht Club in Old Town where the Nats fans refused medical attention and went on their way. No one was hurt.

When the boat was pulled out of the water, authorities found a massive hole in its bow. It is unclear why the fans were boating home after the game, but Metro did shut down at midnight.

The center console fishing boat struck buoy number four in the river, authorities said. It was tugged to the Yacht club and later seized by D.C. Harbor Patrol for evidence in its investigation.