The heartbeat of Quince Orchard High School is now gone. Austin Cohen, a student there, lost his battle with bone cancer. He was only 16 years old.

At the high school, there is a huge tribute students made for him, a thank for you the kindness he shared with them always, and especially in his final days. They have covered the walls of the school with chalk, to show their love for Austin.

He passed away May 5th of osteosarcoma. Here is what some of his closest friends said about the brave student:

"Austin Cohen was definitely the dark in the lightness, strength through pain, and in a world that is dark, he is definitely the light".

"Everybody loved him, and he loved everybody."

"Honestly the only thing I can say is you're the bravest guy I've ever met."

"To me, Austin has just meant kindness."

"Even when he was doing really bad, couldn't walk on crutches, he went to every game."

"I don't know how he got up each day knowing it could be his last, he had a long fight, he had a great one."

"I know he's fishing with his grandpa now and he's looking down on us."