A local woman says her 85 year grandmother taught her how to order groceries from a smart phone, (so much for the elderly not being tech savvy)!

In the process Debra Hart Duvall also learned that her nana, Janet Ballas, didn't have to go into a nursing home because of that same smart phone app.

After she couldn't drive anymore, the retired real estate broker used the Instacart App to get groceries delivered to her door.

She even figured out how to get them to stop at multiple stores, so she could get the specialty items she loved. Duvall says it was a game changer for the whole family. Instead of driving from Gaithersburg to Bethesda to help her nana with errands Ballas could maintain her independence.

Her nana also used Uber to get to doctors appointments. She used them so often she ended up with a few regular drivers.

They would take her to an appointment, wait outside and then take her home. Sometimes the drivers would even help with errands. AARP says the market for Senior citizen Apps is exploding, so much so they the hold App developer conferences so seniors can give them real time feed back on what works for them.