A scam that started with con artists begging drivers for gas money has evolved into scammers offering gold for help and cash, the Frederick County Sheriff's Office said.

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The sheriff's office warns that some of the scammers appear to be businessmen posing as diplomats who are having car trouble in an attempt to convince Good Samaritans to give them cash in exchange for gold.

"They will ask for money for gas, car repairs or to get to a family emergency, claiming their wallet was stolen," the Frederick County Sheriff's Office posted to their Facebook page. "They convince the aiding citizen to go to the ATM and take cash out in exchange for gold."

Maryland State Police are on high alert for a similar scam after they received a high volume of calls where drivers were targeted on major highways by suspects asking for cash.

Some of the scam artists have even been seen working with children, police said.

Officials are investigating the claims and the sheriff's office is asking anyone who sees this to call 911.