Fairfax County Police say a fox that tested positive for rabies is responsible for a vicious attack on an elderly woman Tuesday.

The fox didn't stop there, about a mile away it again tried to attack a couple and their cat.

The first attack happened Monday on Ad Hoc Road in Great Falls. Police say a 71-year-old woman was bit on the arms, legs and hands. She is in serious condition but expected to survive after being bitten by the rabid fox. The fox then traveled about a mile away to the home of Alex Eslamipour and his wife.

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Eslamipour says the fox attacked his cat and so his wife kicked the fox and hit it with sticks. It wasn't until Eslamipour took a log and knocked the fox out momentarily that they were able to get the fox into a cage used for raccoons.

"This was a vicious animal, it was getting a kick out of biting, like it was craving for bites," said Eslamipour.

Animal control was called to the home and they euthanized the animal. Animal control says only a few cases a year happen in the county when it comes to foxes attacked animals or humans.

Eslamipour's cat was not injured in the attack, but will have to be quarantined for 45-180 days depending if it was vaccinated for rabies.