DC Police confirmed that the Former Police Chief, Isaac Fulwood, Jr., had died at age 77.

Fulwood began as an officer with DC Police in 1964. He went on to become a Community Services officer and Internal Affairs investigator early on in his career. He also served as Deputy Chief and Assistant Chief as he climbed the ladder.

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In 1989, he was named Chief of Police in 1989. He served as a leader during some of DC's hardest times: the crack cocaine epidemic and serious riots.

While racial unrest erupted in the towns across the country during the Los Angeles Rodney King riots, Fulwood maintained order in DC.

According to DC Police's official biography, Fulwood helped curb the city's homicide rate and violence. Fulwood left his mark on DC, with a legacy of caring about the community and the city's youth.

Fulwood retired in 1992.

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Later, he became the Executive Director of the Mayor's Initiative Office.He also worked as a Senior Marketing Representative at Pepsi Cola in DC, a consultant with the System and Planning Corporation, and a Chairman of the United States Parole Commission for the Department of Justice.

Fulwood remained active with DC Police throughout his career.

He passed away on September 1, 2017.