Temperatures will be flirting with the record daily highs on Sunday afternoon. This late October warmth will be short-lived, but nonetheless, impressive.

The record high in Washington DC for 10/30 is 82°. The forecast high is currently 80°. Dulles will be closer with the record standing at only 81° from 1996.

Going back the last five years, temperatures for this late October date have been either in the 40s, 50s, or 60s. If you remember back four years ago, Hurricane Sandy had just made a landfall the previous day in New Jersey.

The unseasonable warmth will not last long- a cold front arrives Sunday night, dropping temperatures back below-average in the 60s for Halloween on Monday.

The question remains: would you prefer the brief stint of warm or are you ready for PSL and 'sweater weather' to return?

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