Daphne George wipes away tears as she reflects on the life of her son, Mark George.

He's has had two surgeries, so far, to save his life.

"My son with his million dollar smile is respectful, a hard worker, he's held the same job for 3 years, he's easy going and loved by everyone including family friends and neighbors," said Daphne.

Daphne said her son was visiting family in SE DC Friday night when gunshots rang out. Undercover police officers scoured Whaler place, right near the middle school.

Police said when George saw them, he ran. The officers chased him. Police said George pulled a gun from his waistband. An officer shot him.

"We have developed information suggesting he was not armed at the time he was shot by this officer once in his back, once in his leg and once in his chest," said Attorney Brian McDaniel who is representing George.

Police said they found George's loaded gun on the scene. He's been charged with assault on a police officer.

The US Attorneys Office and police are investigating.

Police said there's no body camera footage that shows the shooting. That's because the officer who shot George is with the gun recovery unit; which doesn't require body cameras.

"Hopefully no one else will have to sit by while their child is treated like a common criminal and have to endure the same pain that I am going through," said Daphne.

The officer who shot George is on paid administrative leave.