Prince William County prosecutors said the shooting of a 15-year old boy holding a crowbar was justified. Weeks after the shooting, his family still disagrees.

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Thursday evening, family and friends gathered in front of the Prince William County Judicial Center, holding "Justice for Ruben" signs, chanting "we want the truth."

"What justice looks like in our eyes is getting an independent investigation and new eyes on this to look step by step what happened. We also don't want this to happen to another child," said Atif Quarni, a supporter of the Urbina family.

Commonwealth's Attorney Paul Ebert said he did not believe deadly force could have been avoided, noting the teen was wearing a jacket and implied explosives could have been underneath.

"It's always tragic when a young person loses his life... But there comes a time when police have to do their jobs," Ebert said. "[The teenager] said he would have no objection to the police shooting him."

Ebert added the teen held a crowbar three feet in length and was seen beating his brother's girlfriend by responding law enforcement.

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Police converged on the Haymarket neighborhood in September, after the teen called 911 and said he was holding his mother hostage with a knife.

Officers also received information en route that the 15-year-old could have a bomb inside the townhome.

One of four responding officers opened fire approximately 10 feet away from the Battlefield High School student, Ebert said.

In an interview just days after the shooting, Oscar Urbina, the teenager’s father, said police gravely misjudged the situation and thought officers would have been able to subdue his son – a young man standing 5-feet-tall.

About a dozen supporters of the family stood outside the courthouse Thursday. One of the organizers read a statement, saying the family was looking for the truth from the Commonwealth's Attorney. The family is looking into legal options, according to a spokesperson.