The future name of what's now called the J.E.B. Stuart High School is expected to be decided Thursday night after years of debate. The school, located in Falls Church, is currently named after a confederate general, but the school board is likely to choose a replacement name at their 7:00p.m. meeting.

The high school is named after James Ewell Brown Stuart, who was a confederate general, well-known for his military prowess during the Civil War. The Fairfax County School Board decided in July that the name should be changed, and then held a non-binding community vote on possible name replacements in September. The full results can be found here. A breakdown of the top five community choices can be found below.

While it still remains unclear which name will be selected, one school board member told the Washington Post that they were considering the name "Justice High," based off of one of the community recommendations. Board member Sandy Evans said she planned to "suggest Justice High because the word promotes tolerance, diversity and inclusion," according to the report. At least three other board members support the idea.

The community vote lead to 73 suggestions from the community of various levels of sincerity. The school board allowed each community member to rank their top three choices, and then weighed the choices with the top choice being worth three points, the second choice being worth two points, and the third choice being worth one point. The results were as follows:

Total Votes:

- 917 Votes: "Stuart, Stuart Raiders"

- 763 Votes: "Justice Thurgood Marshall" (Or variation of name)

- 737 Votes: "Barbara Rose Johns"

- 494 Votes: "Peace Valley, Peace Valley All Nations"

- 328 Votes: "Louis G. Mendez, Jr."

Top Choice Votes:

- 819 Votes: "Stuart, Stuart Raiders"

- 444 Votes: "Justice Thurgood Marshall" (Or variation of name)

- 441 Votes: "Barbara Rose Johns"

- 258 Votes: "Peace Valley, Peace Valley All Nations"

- 129 Votes: "Louis G. Mendez, Jr."