A 26-year-old mother from Falls Church is being charged for leaving three young children inside of a hot car earlier this week, Fairfax County police said.

Police responded to the 5600 block of Columbia Pike on October 3 around 2 p.m. for the report of three children inside of a locked car in a business center parking lot.

The children, ages five, six and seven were found suffering from heat exhaustion inside of the car. The inside of the car reached as high as 150 degrees, officials stated.

Police said the children's mother, Alexa Faulkison, took her children to work and left them in the car because she didn't want to bring them inside. They were inside the car for at least 45 minutes.

One child punched a hole into a taped-up window in order to get air into the car, police added. Officials went to the hospital with the mother so the kids could be evaluated. Child Protective Services went as well. The children were left with their step-father.

Faulkison is being charged with three counts of felony cruelty to a child.