A land dispute in Falls Church has ended with what some say is a strong-arm tactic by the developer to put the squeeze on a local business—a “wall” made up of galvanized tubs filled with shrubs.

Customers can’t make sense of the wall separating Lazy Sunday & Mike’s Deli from the 7-Eleven on N. West Street in Falls Church.

Rebecca Tax, who co-owns the ice cream shop and deli, said it popped up overnight. She discovered it Friday. It not only makes parking a challenge, but trucks also are having a tough time making deliveries to 7-Eleven.

“When they have their 18-wheelers, they can’t get into the lot so they stay on the public road or they back into the lot. People leaving can’t see around the front of the semi,” explained Tax.

She had her own theories about the wall, which was erected by Spectrum Developers.

“I think they’re doing it to inhibit his business, so they’ll be more likely to negotiate with them, it’s a total bully tactic,” she said.

“Putting this wall up is real piggish if you ask me,” added Kenny Currle, who owns the nearby Sunoco.

Spectrum Developers’ president didn’t say why they erected the wall in the first place, but said Spectrum is a minority partner on the Founder’s Row project, which was supposed to bring a movie theater and hotel to the four-acre lot. However, the hotel backed out. Now they’re hoping to bring in an apartment building that caters to those 55 and older.

The “wall” was removed Monday evening.

Business owners plan to voice their opposition at a city council meeting Monday night. The developers plan to present their new proposal to the city council Monday, May 15th.