There's no doubt that 648 miles is a long walk, but one Georgia man is doing just that in an effort to raise awareness for poverty in America.

Terence Lester, who has been walking for 56 long days, is expected to complete his journey Saturday morning when he arrives at the Nation's capital.

"I think they need a voice," he told WUSA9, as he walked just east of Fairfax. "Because their stories often times aren't heard. Because it's drowned out by the struggle."

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Lester, an advocate for those in poverty, created a program in Atlanta called "Love Beyond Walls" with his wife. That program helps hundreds of families a month with food and resources. He decided to do the walk, in order to increase awareness nationwide.

"We need to talk seriously," he said. "About creating solutions to help people out of poverty. That's the message. We have got to do something now."

In the 56 days since August 20, Lester has gone through 13 pairs of shoes and has lost nearly 30 pounds. He has been joined by two videographers, who have followed Lester in a bus. The duo has been capturing video that will eventually be turned into a documentary.

"It's made me believe in people again," said Ali Brathwaite, one of the videographers. "It's definitely changed my mindset on that we still have good people in the world."

Lester said the crew would finish for the day on Friday in Arlington, before resuming the walk on Saturday morning. He said his plan would be to walk to the White House, before heading to the "official finish line" at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

If you want to track Lester's journey, you can visit his website at You can also see periodic updates on his Facebook and his Twitter.