A 31-year-old man is in custody for hitting and killing a 75-year-old woman Friday in Fairfax County, police said.

Kenan M. Ozcan of Fairfax, Va. was arrested and charged with felony hit and run and robbery.

The victim has been identified as Maria Ascencio of Fairfax, Va. Police say she was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Police believe Ascencio may have been intentionally struck by a car twice on Route 50 at Fairfax County Pkwy around 10:15 a.m. 

Ascencio was crossing Rugby Rd. when she was fatally struck. The car then turned around and hit her again. Ozcan and Ascencio do not appear to know each other. 

Around 12:45 p.m. in a unrelated incident, a woman reported a man was in a shopping center located in the 3900 block of Fair Ridge Drive acting strangely. 

Police say the man became agitated after the woman took a picture of him then he assaulted her. Officers found him in a nearby business and took him into custody. 

While investigating, one officer noticed front-end damage to his car in the parking lot. Police determined he was involved in the hit and run that happened earlier in the day. 

Police were looking for a driver described as a young white male with sandy blonde hair. 

The striking car may be a blue or black Chevy or Mercedes-Benz sedan with blue and yellow license plates. The car may have front end damage. 


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