You can’t watch NFL football at Fat Tuesday's bar in Fairfax, Va.

Owner R.L. Butler is refusing to show games until players stop protesting. He's been both slammed and cheered on social media.

Early in the week, Butler posted on Fat Tuesday's Facebook page that he'd stop showing the games until the players ended what he calls, "this foolishness." By Wednesday, he had to take the page down because of a rip tide of criticism.

“Attacks on our business,” he said. “Attacks on me personally, being here 35 years, attacks on my family.”

His family includes a daughter who is a major in the Army. “Where's the support for our soldiers, or where's the support for our first responders, police officers and firemen?” he asked.

There’s a Redskins’ helmet that is still up in the bar, but the Redskins flag has come down. Butler says he supports the President and has little sympathy for the players' concerns.

“If you're doing something wrong and you're breaking the law, I'm not supposed to do anything because you're black? Or you're white?” he asked.

But on a new unofficial Facebook site for the bar, Robert Williams wrote, “Don't you understand that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere? I am a Marine Corp veteran who fought to protect the rights and lives of all Americans. As Americans everyone has a right to peacefully protest what they perceive is wrong.”

Encouraging mail even donations have been arriving since word got out. And supporters are coming in looking for other sports on TV.

But it's a measure of just how divided we are that people from different sides can no longer even share a drink together.