For the second time, a young graphic artist's rendering of Muslim victims of violence is spreading across the world.

Mohammad Alsalti is a 23-year-old who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. He said in an interview Tuesday that he created an image in honor of Nabra Hassanen, the 17-year-old Muslim girl who was slain over the weekend in northern Virginia.

The likeness shows a pair of glasses like the ones Hassanen wore, over the outline of her face, wrapped in a headscarf, with the hashtag #Nabra. It's being shared widely online.

Alsalti says he created a similar graphic that went viral in 2015 after three young Muslims were gunned down in their North Carolina home.

Alsalti says Hassanen's slaying hits close to home because he has a sister around her age who looks "just like her."

He says that even though police aren't investigating her killing as a hate crime, it's generating concern among Muslims, and a feeling that "you have to watch your back."

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