There's nothing like some snow to draw people outside.

Since it was Fairfax County's first snow day of the entire school year, people were out having fun.

On a hill dubbed Mount Reston, a girl screams with utter delight sledding down the hill time and time again.

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The hill near the Unitarian Church on Weihle Avenue is a longtime sledding favorite. Cat Clifford, a teacher at Floris Elementary, was thankful to have a day off and so we're all the kids tumbling down the hill.

Clifford grew up in the area and said she has many memories sledding on Mount Reston, "one of the best hills around!"

Over in Falls Church at Lemon Road School, a similar scene. Jeff Lutton was having fun with his kids.

I Think the snow is fantastic. It's been a downer of a winter with little snow. The snow is fantastic," said Lutton.

But the snow made for some tough work shoveling.

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Tom Waites shoveled shoveled for hours and had the sidewalk in front of his house clear by 11 a.m. He also did his neighbor's driveway.

A small electric snow blower worked just fine for Scott Adams.

"I'm glad we had electricity, otherwise the electric blower doesn't work so well," he said.

But a gas powered blower across the street wouldn't budge, the snow was too wet and heavy.

By noon, it was a above freezing, warm enough for this boy to wear shorts.

Bobcats quickly cleared McLean high school parking lot and a plow train swiped away the last of the snow from Route 29 in Centreville, Va.