A Lake Braddock High School student claims her teacher "ripped off" her hijab on Wednesday.

On Twitter, the student stated that she was having a conversation with a classmate when the teacher apparently came up behind her and pulled the hijab off. The teen added that the teacher told her that her hair was so pretty.

"I felt so infuriated, upset and mostly shocked because he did this to me," she tweeted.

But students who know the teacher said he would never do such a thing intentionally.

Several students, and those who claimed to have witnessed the incident, said the teacher was just trying to pull down the student's hoodie. Hoods and hats are not permitted in Fairfax County Public Schools.

"He would never mean to do that on purpose,” said Kevin, who is in one of the teacher's classes.

"He was just pulling her sweatshirt hood off, not her hijab. He does that to a lot of other students. He just yanks their hoods off, ‘cuz you're not allowed to have hoods on in schools."

The school responded by saying that the teacher's action was inappropriate and unacceptable. Also, the teacher has been placed on leave, according to school officials.

FCPS released this statement:
The teacher's action was inappropriate and unacceptable. The school administration has apologized to the student and her family. FCPS takes this incident seriously and, while a thorough investigation of the incident is conducted, the teacher has been placed on leave.

Students and others showed their support for the student on Twitter.

Women leaders at the Falls Church mosque Dar al Hijrah said they are reaching out to the teen to help.

“I’m horrified. Her body was violated. Because she has the right to cover whatever portion of her body she chooses. And he doesn’t have the right to touch her, let alone remove her religious garb,” said Ieasha Prime.