The Third Annual Cozy Christmas for Congress Heights Community brought smiles and gifts to local kids.

The neighborhood kids and their families attended the event put on by Events DC Charities Thursday at the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center in Congress Heights.

It featured an assortment of gifts and special guests.

They were able to dance, take pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Clause, and meet some local athletes.

There were Washington Redskin Cheerleaders and the Georgetown University Men's Basketball team. Along with the was the new head coach Patrick Ewing.

"I think it's great to come back and give back to our community," Ewing said.

After 17 years in the NBA, Ewing said communities like Congress Heights remind him of where he and several of his players came from.

"I think it's great that the guys can come back to their community," said Ewing. "Two of our players are from this area. They are able to come back so some of these kids can see them."

At the end of the night, the kids were able to take home gifts and a ton of memories.