More details are coming out about a Northern Virginia man who police say may have intentionally used his car to hit and kill an elderly woman.

Maria Ascencio, 75, of Fairfax County, died Friday morning after she was struck at the intersection of Route 50 and Rugby Road in the Fair Oaks area.

Police arrested a Fairfax County man named Kenan Ozcan in connection to the case.

According to Fairfax County deputies, Ozcan used his car to strike Ascencio twice in that intersection. They say he hit Ascencio once and then turned around to strike her with his car again.

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Ozcan used to live in an apartment complex in Reston. Several of his neighbors said he would often display erractic behavior in public.

"He was always acting weird, fighting with somebody and screaming to somebody," said Ozcan's former neighbor Rafael Ureto.

Ureto told WUSA9 that Ozcan once almost even hit him with a car three weeks ago.

"I think it was intentional," said Ureto.

Another neighbor siad Ozcan once asked him to donate to a GoFundMe page he had set up. On the page, Ozcan asks for $50,000 because he could use any support to help his life.

Fairfax County Court records show Ozcan has run into trouble before. In 2013, authorities charged him with robbing a home and use of a firearm in a felony. It is unclear as to whether he was convicted in that case.

WUSA9 went to Maria Ascenscio's home Friday evening, but a family member at the door said they did not want to speak.