A woman was arrested after getting into a fight with a waitress, grabbing a knife off the counter and then chasing two employees in a Northwest, D.C. restaurant.

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Two people have been arrested after a fight between a waitress and a woman triggered a knife attack on at least two employees the restaurant located in the 3500 block of Georgia Ave. early Monday morning.

Metropolitan police said the investigation shows that a woman got into an argument with a waitress. The suspect then jumped over the counter and started hitting the waitress with her fists. Police said the suspect grabbed a knife off the counter when another waitress tried to intervene. The woman chased the two waitresses with the knife, however they were able to get into the bathroom and lock the door.

Authorities stated that the woman went outside and grabbed her male friend. Another employee then locked the front door of the restaurant while the suspects were outside.

Police said the male suspect then kicked the front door in. Both suspects then went to the bathroom to try and confront the victims. Officers arrived at the scene right when the male suspect was kicking the bathroom door in.

The suspects were arrested and are being charged with assault with deadly weapon knife, threats to do bodily harm and destruction of property. They have been identified as 19-year-old Lidia Ventura of Northeast, D.C., 28-year-old Eric Umana of Northwest, D.C.