A 24-year-old woman sprayed a Metro bus driver with a Sunny Delight after an argument Tuesday evening, Metro Transit Police said.

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Around 5 p.m., police said Allison Thomas got on board a W-1 route Metrobus with two kids in the 4300 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southwest.

Thomas and the two children began walking toward to back of the bus. The bus driver drove away from the stop and police said she immediately confronted the driver for pulling off before she got to her seat.

The driver told Thomas he did realize she wasn’t seated and that he did not want to get into an argument. Thomas allegedly became disorderly and began cursing out the driver.

Police said Thomas then approached the driver while the bus was moving and sprayed him in the face and body with a Sunny Delight from a squeeze bottle that was in her possession.

The driver safely stopped the bus, and Thomas dropped the bottle and left the scene.

Metro Transit Police responded to the scene and located Thomas about a block away where she allegedly resisted arrested and attempted to flee from the officers. Police said she subsequently admitted to committing the assault.

She being charged with simple assault and resisting arrest. She is also being charged as a fugitive from justice for an outstanding assault warrant out of Prince George’s county.

The driver declined medical attention.