A rabid dog was put down after leaving a doggy daycare facility in Southeast, D.C.

“This is something that is very scary,” Elizabeth Aldrich, with DogMa Daycare and Boarding, said. “My condolences to Fred's family. He was a very loved dog.”

A bulldog named Fred was killed after going rabid and biting his owner last month.

Fred stayed at DogMa between July 14-17.

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The business said he had all of his paperwork at check in, including his rabies vaccine.

“He had no symptoms here. He didn't show symptoms until later after he left,” Aldrich explained.

The health department is working to figure out how the rabies was transmitted, but some believe it may be a manufacturing defect with the shot.

Aside from keeping the pets separated – many of the dogs who may have come in contact with Fred also got booster shots.

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The bulldog’s family is also being checked out, but it is not clear how they’re doing right now.

While Dogma’s customers want to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again, they said now is not the time to point the finger

“Mistakes happen and I think that human doctors leave sponges in people. Things can happen. It certainly wasn't anything intentional,” Dolly Vehlow said