DC police arrest an 18-year-old they say hit a transgender woman and fled.

The Metropolitan Police Department announced the arrest on Wednesday and identified the suspect as 18-year-old Startwaune Anderson from Northeast, D.C. He’s charged with aggravated assault while armed, not with a gun, but with a vehicle.

DC Homicide Captain Anthony Haythe says Anderson used the vehicle involved as his weapon when he struck a transgender woman in the overnight hours of July 4th to the 5th.

The victim’s name is Davon Washington. Friends say she goes by Boo-Boo. Those same friends also believe this was a hate crime.

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“Women who are having conversations with men all the time across the city. They don’t get run over. Trans women of color tend to experience crimes that are always over the top,” said Ruby Corado, Director of the LGBTQ outreach program called, Casa Ruby.

Corado said Washington is a member and volunteer there.

Washington was coming back from 4th of July Celebrations last week when witnesses say she was struck by a car and left for dead near K & 4th Sts. NE. Before that, friends say there was some of back n forth with the driver of a dark colored hatchback, who allegedly hit on the group. Police would not detail the conversation.

At 3:20 a.m. on July 5th, police responded to a 911 call of Washington struck and unconscious. Police say the driver had fled.

Capt. Haythe said they and found the car days later with a damaged windshield. Homicide led the investigation due to how serious the victim’s injures were and continue to be.

Capt. Haythe says police recovered the vehicle first, which lead them to obtain a warrant for the 18-year-old. What the MPD Captain did not do, is identify this as a hate crime.

“But we have not ruled that out. We’re still investigating,” said Capt. Haythe.

“We’re targets,” said Corado, who also told reporters, “What we know is someone is getting justice today and that is the most important.”

The victim’s friends say there was more than one person in the suspect’s car. Police have not announced any additional arrests or charges but say that doesn’t mean there can’t be more in the future.

Friends told WUSA9 Washington only got out of the ICU a couple of days ago and is still in critical condition. She’s breathing with a tube and can only blink at the moment, according to one person who considers herself more like family to the victim.

Anderson is due in court on Thursday. Police say we’ll learn more when charging documents are released after arraignment.