A toddler caught in the middle of gunfire in D.C. is out of the hospital and recovering with his family.

Jeremiah White is a happy baby who loves to play and dance, but Monday night – the smile he’s known for was wiped away.

The one-year-old was hit with at least one bullet in the back of the leg and had to undergo surgery at Children’s Hospital.

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“For me it is like nothing happened. If I didn't hear about it, I would have never known,” Chanel Boulware said.

Neighbors said they are surprised there isn’t some sort of big uproar about a toddler being shot in their neighborhood.

Reporter: "Do you feel like there should be more outrage from the community?"

Boulware: "Yeah. It's a baby. Yeah. Definitely."

It happened in an alleyway just a block away from Florida Avenue – where you don’t have to look far before seeing the redevelopment and gentrification.

Police don’t know what led up to the shooting and family members said the gunfire came out of nowhere.

Jeremiah’s mom believes the shooting may have stemmed from an ongoing argument.

“Who is around your children and who is beefing with who because at the end of the day you can't just be having kids around all of these different types of people,” Boulware said.

If you know anything about who could’ve fired that gun – call police right away.