WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The National Memorial Day Parade marched past monuments, museums and hundreds of thousands of flag-waving spectators in D.C. Monday afternoon. The parade honored the sacrifices made by our military service members, and included high school marching bands and many veterans.

The parade kicked off under bright skies—with service members, marching bands and dancers.

No one ever anticipated little AJ Causey would be here to witness it.

"I pretty much been told by the doctors due to my injuries probably never have a child naturally," said AJ's father, Aaron Causey. He was on a military bomb squad in Afghanistan in 2011 and was searching for an IED he planned to disarm.

"I was looking for it and I stepped on it," he said.

Aaron lost both legs and recently completed three years of treatment at Walter Reed. Doctors said he and his wife's only realistic chance of getting pregnant was through IVF—in vitro fertilization.

"I was speechless. I was speechless," said Aaron. Speechless because just days later, before they could even get to their first IVF appointment, Kat was pregnant.

"Soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what it was. A positive pregnancy test," recalled Aaron, smiling.

Added his wife, Kat Causey, "It took about eight pregnancy tests for Aaron to accept it wasn't a fluke, there are no bad lots. And like four different brands, all different kinds of tests."

"The only other happier moment in my life was seeing her when she was born," said Aaron.

The Causey family has been through so much, but there is no bitterness, no regret.

Kat told us, "Look what I have to be grateful for. How can I regret any of this?"

On this Memorial Day, the Causeys think of their friend, Staff Sgt. Wade Bennett and his wife Mandi.

Through tears, Kat said, "She's raising these two children by herself because he died while she was pregnant with their second child. How can I have any regrets about any of this?"

Also special this year were the Grand Marshals of the parade: dozens of surviving World War II veterans here to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of that war.


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