Soon, you might hop on a water taxi to see a band at The Anthem and then take a stroll on Recreation Pier.

Those are just some of the attractions at The Wharf, the new, huge, one-mile long development on D.C.'s Southwest waterfront. It opens on October 12.

The biggest attraction is The Anthem concert hall where the Foo Fighters playing to a sold out crowd opening day.

Shawn Seamons, project director who has been working on The Wharf for the past 11 years, says he thinks it will be "Transformational."

"It's creating a waterfront for a riverfront city that never really existed," Seamons said. "A lot of people don't realize that D.C. is on two fairly prominent rivers. And it has a lot of water access."

There are four piers:

  • Market Pier is next to the longtime Seafood Market which remains in place (a 100-year old Oyster house is being restored)
  • Transit Pier in front of the Anthem is where you can take a water taxi to Georgetown, National Harbor or Alexandria
  • District Pier has a small events venue
  • Recreation Pier is for launching or docking boats. There is also a torch fire-pit at the end of that pier.

A free jitney will take people over to East Potomac Park and the pier will also rent kayaks and canoes. Seamons says people will also be able to use a waterfront launch pad to put in their own kayaks and canoes.

The development is mostly residential with apartment buildings and condominium complexes along with hotels, restaurants and music clubs like Pearl Street Warehouse.